Monday, May 18, 2009

Alice is teh lewlz

Alice is crazy and awesome at the same time lol, she draws emo biscuits and talks about gerard way to much lol i prolly shouldn't be talking about her poster but i am, its a poster alice as much as you wish it were real it will never be, just like my Kat Von D poster for those of you who dont know Kat Von D here she is :D
yes she is freaggin amazing, my parents think its weird, but i love a girl with tattoos and her voice is to die for so i can understand alice's wish to have her poster come to life, but must say that it will never happen, plus gerard way is a horrible drunk even though i love his music lol :D current song

artist-bless the fall, song-black rose dying

1 comment:

  1. I can believe you would make it sound like I have issues with reality. xD Just cuz I have fantasies doesn't mean I can't tell the difference. Plus, If I want to hump my pillows in front of my mcr poster...theres nothing wrong with it. Not that I am. But yeah... I love you, you silly bastard. Alice for the LEWLS!!!!<3