Monday, May 18, 2009

Musical Mood

i see stars

attack attack

scary kids scaring kids

funeral for a friend

Alice is teh lewlz

Alice is crazy and awesome at the same time lol, she draws emo biscuits and talks about gerard way to much lol i prolly shouldn't be talking about her poster but i am, its a poster alice as much as you wish it were real it will never be, just like my Kat Von D poster for those of you who dont know Kat Von D here she is :D
yes she is freaggin amazing, my parents think its weird, but i love a girl with tattoos and her voice is to die for so i can understand alice's wish to have her poster come to life, but must say that it will never happen, plus gerard way is a horrible drunk even though i love his music lol :D current song

artist-bless the fall, song-black rose dying


I have been trying to right a letter for a couple days now but I'm stuck on what to say. Today with emails everything is so impersonal and easy that nobody takes the time to sit down and think out a letter anymore. The person i want to write a letter to is special to me and i don't want to sound like I'm just saying whats on my mind at the very moment like with an email, or this blog post because i just took no time to think this out, I'm just typing as it comes to my head, with a letter i feel like it needs planning and to be thought out. why does nobody write letters anymore?

well here's what I'm listening too/watching at the moment enjoy :D
this person is a fantastic artist and knows how to touch ppl, this video is amazing